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Mexico I – Condesa

Hola Mexico! I’m so happy to be here at last. And I’m happy that my research proved me right, as I’m delighted to stay in the lovely tree lined area of Hippodrome Condesa. I love Mexico!

Mex_hotel_webMex_bed_webMex_details_webI have opted to stay in a hotel for the duration of my stay, instead of changing locations for every photo shoot. For this I’m grateful. Not only because I thoroughly enjoy staying in the Boutique Hotel Nuevo Leon with it’s cool design and super friendly staff. Thanks especially to Christian and Alfredo. But also because I have nearly a photo shoot in a different location every day so it’s good to have one base. Love the details here especially the flooring!

Mex_bathroom_webI enjoy being in the buzz of a city again, after my near monastic existence in San Marcos. From my grand bathroom in this smart Art Deco building I have a near 180 degree view, of all that’s going on the street outside the curved windows. A bath with a view!

I relish eating in different cafes and restaurants every day. I appreciate sleeping in a warm room. I luxuriate in long hot baths after a long days work.

Mez_elpendulo_webI adore that I only have to walk across the street to what is to become my favourite place to eat, the combined bookstore and cafe & restaurant El Pendulo. I love having lot’s of people around me. Who could guess that I was such an urban creature after all?

I meet wonderful people in the homes that I’m here to feature. Most of them I have arranged to meet well in advance. And they are as exiting or more to meet in real life and to get to know them. And they all have amazing and beautiful homes. Some are stylish. Some are unique. Others are interesting and have an amazing story to tell.

Mex_artistandme_webAnd then again some come to me by fortune. Like the fabulous artist Taquitojocoque. She has a home that so totally captures herself. Small and colourful and so full of life and vitality. I can’t wait to show you them all in my forthcoming book about homes around the world.

Mex_hippo_webBetween photo sessions I discover my neighbourhood, Hippodrome Condesa. The oval shaped and leafy street, Avenida Amsterdam, was actually a former racetrack for horses. Therefore the name of the area, Hipódromo Condesa. In the centre of the oval is the Parque Mexico.

Mex_artdecocafe_webThis area has a lot of cool Art Deco buildings, small clothes or crafts shops from independent designers and cool restaurants and cafes. It reminds me a bit of Palermo in Buenos Aires.

Mex_cafe_webMex_dog_webAnd they do love their dogs here too so they are catered for as well when eating out, like Charlie here in this pet friendly cafe.

Mex_musicians_webStreet scene in Hippodrome.

Mex_streetvendor_webOn weekends there are many vendors on the surrounding streets, here on Amsterdam.

Mex_toritori_webTori Tori is a high end Japanese restaurant in one of the small roundabouts on Amsterdam. When I go there I have hardly eaten anything and have been working hard the whole day so I’m ravenous. I have Udon soup, Tempura vegetables and shrimps. The food is excellent. The only unnerving thing is that the whole staff, apparently have a habit to greet everyone that enters the restaurant by shouting something very short but very loud and that makes me jump every time.

Mex_elocho_webEl Ocho by the Parque Mexico has a fun concept. It’s a cafe with a lot of board games to lend, so the place is always full of families or friends eating and playing and seeming to be having a good time. I love the lighting feature on the facade.

Mex_soup_webMy all time favourite dish is a Mexican chicken soup that usually is served with chilli, red onion, avocado, lime, cheese and taco bread. Here I’m in Bonito on Nuevo Leon, where they serve their soup with a zucchini flower.

Mex_delirio_webTo find my favourite cafe I have to go a little further afar to Delirio on Monterrey/ Alvaro Obregon in the area Roma. It has a lovely feel to it and I discover that they also have a lovely chocolate cake here. Something I have missed since Palermo. Delirio was founded by one of the first female chefs in Mexico, Monica Patiño. Thanks Alfredo for this tip!

Mex_mog2_webMex_mog_webAnother tip I get is the Asian restaurant Mog on Frontera in the area Roma. I really liked both the food and the relaxed ambience. Thanks Lesley, with whom I spent they day at a photo shoot around the corner.

Next I’m going to visit the home and studios of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Please join me then!

Copyright and photo: Anita Martinez Beijer

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