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Book release offer!

Great opportunity for United Kingdom residents! In order to celebrate the book launch, Home Life Around the World will have a significantly reduced price on Kobo from May 17-30th 2018 in UK only. Take this opportunity to get your own copy of Home Life Around the World! Please spread the word and do let me know your thoughts of the book by leaving a review. Happy Book Birthday and Happy Reading!

Happy Book Birthday!

It’s finally the release day for Home Life Around the World! Happy Book Birthday! The process of making a dream come true has involved if not blood, at least sweat and toil and it has been amazing! Every step of the way has involved exploring unknown paths and at times the learning curve has been steep. But with diligence, single minded focus and sheer stubbornness I got there at the end and result is so rewarding. What started at the end of 2014 as merely an idea, to explore what a home really means to people, actually involved selling my own home to realise funds to make the project feasible. Then followed a period of thorough research and the first tentative outreach to persons previously unknown, living on every continent. Every place I travelled to, was a place I never before have visited. Everyone I met was a stranger at first. This journey required. Also, it meant getting the necessary equipment needed to complete the project. As well as acquiring the knowledge how to use these new …

Enter for a chance to win Home Life Around the World!

Enter for a chance to win a Kindle Edition of Home Life Around the World at Goodreads! Home Life Around the World is about the relationship we have with that most private and intimate space – our home. If you are interested in interior design and home decor, if you want to be inspired by authentic homes, personal stories and if you, like one reviewer says, love to have a nosey into the lives of others, then this is the book for you! Click on this link to get to the offer! This giveaway offer ends on March 24th and is valid only for US residents.

Home Life Around the World

I’m happy to announce that my book is now available for pre-orders in iBooks store and on Amazon. The book is to be released on the 15th of May. Home Life Around the World is about the relationship we have with that most private and intimate space – our home. Step into personal homes of architects, designers, photographers and other creatives. Food and art lovers. People passionate about the environment. All with their own stories and destinies. The homes are located in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Uruguay, Mexico City and New York. Richly illustrated with inspiring and honest photos of the home environment of these individuals, whose personality colour every image of the book. With personal and interesting texts based on interviews with the homeowners, who generously shared insightful thoughts and reflections about themselves and their homes, as well as their philosophy of life and their personal life stories. Release date 15th May. Home Life Around the World is available for pre-order. iBooks store Kobo Amazon Kindle ASIN B079VDPBVF eBook ISBN 978-91-984455-1-0 Hardcover ISBN 978-91-984455-0-3 …