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Palma in my heart

What can I say. I love this town! It has everything really. It’s beautiful, cosmopolitan, vivid, has amazing cuisine, a wonderful climate, bags of culture, beautiful old buildings, a cathedral, old churches, a beach, the list goes on…

As a wonderful coincidence my family is also here at the same time as I am. They arrive in intervals and we meet up a couple of times when I’m on my road trip around Mallorca.

Here are some snapshots from Palma.

Mall_palmaarchitecture3_webStrolling around town and enjoying the ambience. Palma has some awesome architecture.

Mall_palmaarchitecture2_webMall_palmadoor_webMall_palmahouse_webMall_palmavespa_webMall_palmawindow_webMall_palmaduke_webLunch at Duke. Heavenly salad.

Mall_palmashop2_webMall_palmashop_webCool small interior shop in La Lonja, Viveca.

I really like chocolate ice cream and look what we found. Lucky me!

Palma_architecture_webMall_palmafloor_webMore of these cool tiles, here at Hotel Cort.

Mall_palmalarosa_webLa Rosa is a wonderful place to have a few tapas before heading out for dinner.

Mall_palmacanela_webMall_palmadinner_webHaving one of the best dinners ever here at Canela. The food is amazing!

mall_palmafamilyIt’s the last night with this gang. Family, friends and a random guy.

Copyright and photo: Anita Martinez Beijer


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