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Buenos Aires IV – Interior design gems

As an interior designer I of course want to dip in to the scene and see what is on offering. There is a lot of nice interior design. Here is a pick of some of the stores I found in Palermo. 

BA_editor_1_webBA_editor_4_webOne of the coolest stores that just opened when I was living in Palermo Hollywood was Editor Market on Av. Dorrego. It’s the new hip place on the fashion and design scene. Set on three levels it houses interior design, clothing and a cafe. The interior design have in parts a distinct Scandinavian feel. The bench here is from Net.

BA_enseres_webBy chance I came upon the wonderful little store Enseres Bazar on El Salvador where I started talking to Barbara here in this photo, who is the sweetest of persons. Enseres is the place to go for a nice selection of cookware and accessories. I then met the owner of the store, photographer Cecilia, who kindly invited me up to the rooftop, as she was in the middle of a photo shoot in her studio there. And it ended with me spending a wonderful day in her beautiful home a couple of days later having a photo shoot and interviewing her for my book project!

BA_net_webThe architect Alejandro Sticotti in his store Net. His love of wood is clearly visible in his store and workshop on Godoy Cruz. Loved his really nice designs of tables and chairs. Clean lines, great combination of materials and a lovely tactile feel.

BA_paul_webBA_paul2_webBA_paul3_webPaul Deco is a sophisticated home decor store on Gorriti, right behind my favourite cafe with the worlds best chocolate cake. Here again we have these high ceilings that are for me exotic and ubercool.

BA_bartolomea_webBartolomea is a home decor store I found in several places, the largest one here is on Nicaragua.
Vitraviol is another sweet little home decor shop on El Salvador that I unfortunately don’t have any photos from. Probably because I was busy stuffing myself with cakes and other goodies when they had their little event.

BA_georgehome_webBA_georgehome2_webWindow shopping at George Home Couture on Soler. They have an interesting selection of furniture and home accessories.

1618526_901226929941257_4992281998598025105_nElementos Argentinos on Gurruchaga have handmade rugs and textiles from the north of Argentina in stylish designs. Handcrafted products made in a sustainable and eco-friendly way using Fair-trade guidelines. Photo borrowed from them.

BA_pesqueira3_webBA_pesqueira2_webPesqueira is a lovely little store on Gurruchaga that the designer Valeria Pesqueira runs. She designs all the lovely collections of children and women clothing as well as accessories. Valerie and I met and became friends when I spent a day taking photos in her and her family’s cool home, which they have partly built themselves, combining traditional features and sleek modern.

BA_rapsodia_webBA_rapsodia_2_webRapsodia is a woman’s clothing store that I fell in love the first time I walked in through their doors. Beautiful wonderful bohemian chic clothes just up my street. As I also happen to live right next door I went there quite frequently and longingly did my rounds as they are a bit over my price range. Maybe a good thing otherwise I could easily have bought just about everything. The store itself is also very tasteful. On Andrés Arguibel.

Copyright and photo: Anita Martinez Beijer


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