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Costa Rica II – Where jungle meets ocean

Almendra2_webAlmendra1_webAlmendra3_webHere we’re in a cute little cafe called Almendra having a lemonade after one of our excursions in town.

After our break we have another two hours of yoga in the afternoons before we walk down to the beach to have a swim and to enjoy the sunsets.

sunset1_websunset_webjossunset_webBeautiful, out of this world beautiful, sunsets! Every day different. Everybody gathers on the beach and watch the sun slip into the sea. What a wonderful way to end a day.

One day we had a guest teacher, Nico, who taught us to trust each other enough to try Acroyoga, which one does in pairs with a third person that assists. In the feature photo on my blog post from yesterday Nico and Malin, another teacher here, shows a stunningly beautiful pose where Malin is flying.

acroyoga_webHere it’s Nico and Jessika are showing how a headstand with partner looks like. One of the many dogs on this beach is accompanying them. The dogs here have a wonderful life by the way. They are free to come down and hang out have fun with their canine friends on the beach all day long.

That feeling! When one manages to overcome one’s fear and does something one hasn’t even contemplated in ones wildest fantasy! Love that! I of course couldn’t do exactly these poses but I stretched myself and I dared and I flew. And that’s what matters.

One day we had a break from yoga, except the early morning one, to experience activities such as surfing or horseback riding. Emelie and I decided that we would go to Montezuma and visit the waterfalls there and do some zip lining in the jungle. We had a great day!

waterfall_CR_webThe waterfalls we found by second guessing the right path, climbing over boulders and jumping over stones in the river. Helpful signs are apparently not the Costa Rican’s strongest point. But it was a beautiful spot, and as Jessika says, waterfalls are magical.

EA_zip_webAfter a swim in the pool below the waterfall we made out way up zillions of stairs, or so it seamed at the time, to the starting point of the zip line. Only to discover that we had arrived at the final platform instead! Gah! Down again and we found the right path only to have to start climbing up the mountain again. But it was worth it!

zipline_webZipping above the treetops in the jungle on a wire cable is just the right amount of scary and tremendous fun!

E_zip_webEmelie was the first one to start and she did it screaming her head of the whole way haha. Got my adrenalin rushing before I got started myself.

me_zip_webWhen we all had safely arrived to the last platform I confessed to her that I have a fear of heights. But this was fantastic. Here is from one of the longest zips.

rocamare1_websurferssunset_webrocamare2_webrocamare4_webrocamare3_webOn Sunday’s there is always a great do at Rocamare beach, a bit further up our beach. We saw the sun set as we walked there and then it was wonderful to just let our hair down, dance and have fun!

surfers_webme_beachwalk2_webAfter ten fantastic days it’s time to leave with so much gratefulness and love in my heart. I’m so happy that I followed my intuition (and a recommendation, thanks for that Malin B) and came here. Thank you everyone that participated, without you it wouldn’t have been the same! Namaste!

Copyright and photo: Anita Martinez Beijer


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