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Costa Rica I – Eat yoga love

I’m having a break from my travels around the world documenting homes to participate in a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. We are in beautiful Santa Teresa on the Pacific coast. The seemingly endless beach with lovely warm waves, attract surfers and yogis alike.

At the crack of dawn we walk silently down to the beach to have a yoga session and then to watch the sun rise above the trees. The only sounds are monkeys are screaming in the jungle behind us. Otherwise everything is very quiet and peaceful.

morningbeach_webEarly in the morning the beach is pristine and stunningly beautiful.

strandyoga-3_webThen there is short break before we have more yoga up in the Shala before brunch.

strandyoga-11_webSometimes I stayed on at the beach and meditated. Connected. Pure magic.

Emilia_brunch_webWhen the delicious brunch is served at 9:30 we are more than ready to indulge. Smoothies, fruits, salad, rice and beans, bread, homemade peanut butter, banana cake and ginger tea is what I usually have. Yummy! Hope to keep up this healthy way to start a day. Here is Emelie. We became really good friends.

The weather here is wonderful, warm and sunny days, the heat helping stiff limbs and muscles to soften, easing us into the postures. After a couple of days everybody mellowed into a slower pace of being. We have new insights. Develop. Make new friends. Every day is truly a gift.

jossjess_webMeet our wonderful yoga teachers, Josefine and Jessika from Yogiakademien. Both of them gave me exactly what I needed at this moment. Love both of you! Namaste!

Palmbeach_webThen we are free a couple of hours to swim in the surprisingly warm sea and play in the waves.

Pool_webOr relax by the hotel pool.

me_beachwalk_webHave long walks on the beach.

horsesonbeach_webWatching others having long walks.

metime_webHaving a bit of me time.

me_habanero_webOr lounging in the shade somewhere nice like here at Habanero.

lemonade_webRefresh ourselves with delicious lemonades.

AE_habanero_webDiscover new cafes and shops in this small seaside town. The food here is surprisingly good. We were not disappointed once and we went to different restaurants every evening. The fresh fish is always a winner.

Fishcake_webZwart café have the best fishcakes in town! Love them!

Zwartart_webZwartbaby_webHere is a serious young artist in the making assisting her artist mother at Zwart. You are never too young to start.

Maybe, just maybe, indulge in some shopping. And here was me staring this trip of mine, saying to myself that I wouldn’t buy a single thing. Okay, maybe that hasn’t gone completely according to plan, but it’s fun!

foorbakery_webAnd maybe, just maybe, indulge in a delicious chocolate cake at the Bakery. Love the floor here!

Copyright and photo: Anita Martinez Beijer. Photos 2, 4 and 5 Yogiakademien.


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