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This journey of mine is getting seriously real. Well it would wouldn’t it when one gets a hefty jab in the arm with a needle. And that not only once or even twice. I also have to fill out a four page visa application where one’s required to write down one’s name in Chinese…How does one do that? Google translate?

Trying to figure out if the best solution is to by a round the world ticket from the start or to buy tickets on the go? Is it better to be free and take everything as it come? Or is the wisest move to book the whole trip in advance and save time and maybe money? And then there is the whole logistic part and making that work. Which places to visit and whether to stay here or there first? And to take the right steps and to make the necessary arrangements. A real challenge for my project management skills.

Making the first bookings now and feeling quite exited. Am getting some nice feedback and people I’m going to visit seem interested and exited too. Still so much to do before I leave though! So feeling the stress now! Wish me luck!

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Interior designer, author and photographer passionate about homes and life at home. Currently publishing books about authentic and personal homes around the world.

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