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The Apartment

The Apartment in Copenhagen designed by Ilse Crawford and her team at Studioilse has a wonderful ambience. Muted wall colors and furniture blends perfectly with well chosen materials in the furnishing, mixing natural fibers and brass, dark wood with pale wood. Thick rugs on the beautiful wooden floors, sheep skins on armchairs, a lovely throw lying casually on the bed and books piled on coffee tables and in bookcases, create a homely but stylish wholeness.

My favourite is Franco Albini’s rattan chair Gala Lounge Chair that looks so good against the charcoal wall, rug and grey sheep skin. The thick dark Beni Quarain Rug under the hammock strung between the wall and a bookcase is another. On the whole it’s a marvellous array of materials, textures and hues that work well together.

The Apartment is a gallery founded by former Sotheby’s specialist Tina Seidenfaden Busck, features modernist art and design in an 18th-century space presented as if it were a private home. It was last autumn that this interior was displayed and it came to my mind as Ilse Crawfords has a new range in collaboration with IKEA that is due to be released in August. What I’ve seen from the press releases it’s going to be quite spectacular. Can’t wait!






Photo source: Daniella Witte for Femina, Casper Sejersen for the Apartment.





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