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Yoga mat on the go

Hurray! My new yoga mat for traveling arrived yesterday! When I visited Mallorca I ran into Malin Berghagen by chance one day. Apart from being a yogi she is a very beautiful and strong woman guided by empathy and love. I admire her a lot for her ability to share her passion, her strength as well as her vulnerability. So she is a something of a role model for me there. She is also brave enough to walk her own path and I felt that I had met a kindred spirit. Talking to her I told her a bit about my upcoming trip and and we spoke amongst other things about yoga mats, and she got this glimpse in the eye when she told me that there is something special about a mat that visits many places together with you. As soon as she had said that I got this picture of “my” mat in my head. Back at home I started searching and I found it. A yoga mat is very personal I find and it’s color is important. The only color I could think of was orange. No other color felt right. I couldn’t find an orange mat, lightweight enough for travel, so I widened my search to abroad and sent for it.

Writing this I got curious and started to research the meaning of orange from a chakra point of view. This is what I found. The orange color stands for the sacral chakra. The main energy of this color is connected with creativity and feelings. “Orange energy is balance, strength, and sustenance. It is the building block of physical growth and development. Orange represents the developmental stage when we learn to walk and we explore our world.” Well that fits the bill well enough!

I continue to read: “Just as the sacral chakra is located in the pelvic area, orange is the area of our gut feelings and wisdom. Buddhists call this “hara”, the centre of being through which we connect with the deepest voice of the self, the deepest stillness and wisdom. This is where we find bliss. Orange energy is very sensual. Living a life guided by orange color transforms even the most mundane daily experiences into pleasurable experiences. That is not to say that orange is purely hedonistic. Orange is also associated with the gentle and positive nurturing of ourselves which moves us on our path of growth and development.” Credit to
What color of mat do you have? And why did you choose that particular color?

I also want to give Malin a big hug and thanks for sharing my story in her blog in Amelia! Namaste! Follow her at

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