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Clever ways of using mirrors

Using a mirror is a great way to enlarge a small space so that it visually feels bigger. It can also be a way to increase the natural daylight in a room that doesn’t benefit much from it, like a north-facing room. Brighten a dark area of a room by hanging a mirror where it reflects the daylight from the window. Or use it to trick the eye into believing that there is a window or a doorway, creating an illusion of a architectural feature where there is none.

And of course, mirrors in themselves can be very decorative. Use several and group them together to create something striking. Keep a theme like only using round mirrors. Or only mirrors with the same kind of frame. Vintage mirrors is also a way of enhancing an era. If you can’t find the right kind of mirror, here’s one tip that maybe can be useful. Take an old picture frame that you like, remove the picture and insert a mirror in the frame.

I always stress that mixing different textures is important to create the right feel in a room. Soft  materials as wool and other fabrics, against hard surfaces such as wood, metal and glass. And the shiny, hard and reflecting surface of a mirror adds something unique to this palette. A simple mirror used cleverly can give your home just that extra touch.

Here are some images that illustrate the vast use of mirrors in interiors. Enjoy! Don’t forget to tell me which one inspires you most!













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