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The Design Sheppard’s book review

I’m delighted that brilliant blogger Stacey Sheppard wrote a great review about the book Home Life Around the World. Her award winning blog, The Design Sheppard, is one of the leading interior design blogs in the UK. Her blog has been appointed by Vuelio as one of the top 10 interior design blogs in the UK, every year since 2015. I’m honoured. I’m also over the moon that she so totally gets what the book is all about! Read her review here:

Online interior design courses coming soon!

I’m delighted that the book Home Life Around the World has been well received and the next step is going to be to launch a series of online interior design courses. The main course will be about how to create a truly personal home, beginning with – you! As I hold a diploma as an Associated Certified Coach (ACC), at International Coach Federation (ICF), I am very excited to have created a course based on a series of coaching sessions, aimed to help you create a home that reflects your personality and supports you emotionally. The name of the course is Bring Soul to Your Home. This course can be complemented, if you wish, by courses about colour knowledge, +Colour, and basic interior design practices, +Basic. More information will follow shortly!

Book release!

Book release! So happy to share this labour of love at last! Thank you all for helping me celebrate last night at Äppelvikens Bokhandel! I’m thrilled to bits, touched and overwhelmed at the respons Home Life Around the World has received! Here are some snapshots from the evening. Showing my world tour that was the foundation for the book. I enjoyed sharing the thought behind my book. These are all the wonderful people who generously opened the doors to their homes and shared their stories with me. The author hard at work at the serious business of dedicating books. Such a delightful task! It’s so great to have supportive friends around you! For those of you who were unable to attend, there will be an opportunity to purchase a dedicated book signed by the author right here on Bohemialife. For yourself or perhaps as a gift? This would be a lovely house warming present. Soon to be featured. Photocredit: Thank you friends & family!

Living by ear

Sam lives in Hong Kong, in a small studio flat on the 31st floor that has its very own private roof terrace with amazing views over the city. But we meet in Shanghai, where he’s currently on a work assignment. Sam spends much of his time away from Hong Kong for work, but he offers to host me in his apartment when I’m in Hong Kong. I’m happy to accept and look forward to this, as it will give me an opportunity to experience his apartment myself. We meet at a cafe in the French Concession. Sam tells me a bit about his work as a designer and consultant. When he describes what he does, he uses words like strategy, research, innovation and culture. But mostly, he says, it involves people and problem solving. He spends his days listening to the many layers of his clients. Gathering in-depth information about them and through that knowledge gaining an understanding of what they need. His motto ‘Living by ear’, reflects this well as it parallels the expression ‘playing …

The cosy home in no 4

A couple of floors up a steep and narrow staircase in an apartment building in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, I find the home of Eyal Cohen. The house is what the Chinese call a ‘walk-up’, a building from the 50-60s with no elevator. The first thing I see as I step inside is a bright and colourful wall made of – egg cartons. It’s a cheering and welcoming sight and a real work of art. His apartment is fairly spacious for Hong Kong, 575 square feet* and consists of one large room, a kitchen and a bathroom. It’s furnished and decorated by himself and filled with fun and eye-catching things. One wall has an image of a large ostrich with a hat. A full-scale sheep with blue wool is standing on top of a bookshelf. Origami squirrels are playing on a tree trunk on the floor. This is a home whose owner clearly has had a lot of fun whilst decorating it and I’m eager to hear the story behind it. “Rental apartments here in …

Living Off-the-Gridd

Far north on the coast of Uruguay and just forty kilometres from the Brazilian border is the small town of Punta del Diablo. It was formerly a fishing village that has become increasingly popular with surfers, who flock to the beaches Playa de Rivero and Playa de la Viuda. But it’s at the quieter end by Playa Grande, which separates Punta del Diablo from Santa Teresa national park, where Rosi and Martin have built themselves an off-the-grid house called ‘Vía Verde’. They live here with their son Telmo and a dog called Trotsky that has adopted them. Vía Verde, the green way, is a house designed to make the least impact on nature. 150 square meters split on several levels and with large terraced areas it stands alone on the brink of the sea on the outskirts of the small town. The main house is on three levels and contains the communal area with a small kitchen, five bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms and toilets. It’s sparsely furnished with only the bare necessities and …

The home of a tango dancer

Behind a tall door decorated with garlands of flowers on a cobblestone street in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, is the home of Mercedes Frassia. She is an architect and an urban planner, currently running a business in hospitality. Mercedes’s home is in the kind of building that earlier was called a conventillo*. Behind the tall porch is a narrow passageway that leads out into a yard. Feminine tango shoes sit on top of an old shelf on one wall. This sets the tone for this unusual home. The large house consists of two separate buildings on each side of a garden, which is narrow and deep, sandwiched between two tall house gables completely covered with ivy. In the middle of the garden there is a swimming pool and deckchairs with yellow and white striped cushions. A massive wisteria forms an arch, dividing the yard and adding to the lushness of it. The whole place oozes old world charm. Despite the house being divided into five apartments, they all have the same flamboyant interior design, almost …